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Mario Rene
Artiste : Mario Rene Madrigal-Arcia
Heredia / Costa Rica
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Artiste : misiaszek
Type : Peintures
Dimensions (en cm) : l=35 / L=35 / h=40
Année : 2011
Matériaux : Toile
Thème principal : Autre
Couleur dominante : Autre

Prix : 300€

Traduction (français > anglais)
Story of a passion
Edward Misiaszek was born in France but is of Polish origin, from which the Slavic romanticism transmitted by genes, which is reflected in each of his paintings.

The career of this artist is very unusual, varied and exciting. From an early age, Edward Misiaszek key to everything. He apprenticed at the Beaux-Arts de Lyon continued to school the Louvre, but also studied choreography in Warsaw. He works as a projector in architecture but also for Rhone-Poulenc as a designer. Professor of painting of the American revolutionary method bob ross, the only one in France. Fine Arts Roermont Holland

Also a former football player of Olympique Lyonnais, Edward Misiaszek. Eclectic artist, colorist insatiable, it is difficult to define but it is in motion and bright colors that vibrates the most. Is not the choreographer, ballet dancer and founder Polish "Karolinska" that occur on the stages of France for over 35 years?

This artist has improved, with teachers like Jeckel and the master of the knife world, he works his pen, oil pastel with lots of terrain, brush, knife, rag, he painted villages, landscapes, workers the fields, women nudes ... These are just some examples of the infinite world which focuses Edward Misiaszek. The subjects and themes vary but the color is still there, vividly present, bright and shiny.

Side officially in international directories, one that critics call him "the painter of the future" is always looking for perfection and harmony of colors. Member of "Artists in France", Edward Misiaszek has exhibited in numerous countries and New Jork City / munich. Florence. Saha Saudi Arabia london ect .... And won many prestigious titles including the gold medal for "Best Artist of France" in 1996.

The work of Edward Misiaszek offers us no message, no philosophical or political or mystical or prophetic. This artist is simply the colors and shapes on a canvas by pursuing the same goals as the ancients such as Van Gogh, Monet or Cezanne. It attempts to show the world, not as he thinks, but as he sees through his own sensitivity and feelings, and we share his pleasure, his joys by vibrations of colors.

Edward.misiaszek @ yahoo.fr - 06 74 30 59 11

Sites online galleries. Www.arquid.com / edward.misiaszek.http: / / www.edward-misiaszek.live.galerie.com www.galerie painter ... tomorrow ... Www.artactif.com / edward / gallery ... ... painting class www.lepeintreedward . fr ...

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